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I spoke with Manu Joseph about his newest book, “The Illicit Happiness of Other People”, and it made me very happy, indeed. (Photo credit: Telegraph.co.uk)

This fall, at an impromptu party thrown for those authors stuck post-Texas book festival and as Hurricane Sandy brewed back in NY, I connected with the editor of Kirkus Reviews Online (also at this party, I stared slack-jawed at Robert Caro and ate raw marshmallows because I was too shy to toast them.)

The happy result of meeting the editor has been a handful of assignments that do not feel like work at all: I get to read books, and then interview their authors to find out what makes them tick and how the story came about. The glory! The pestering! The insight into craft shared neuroses!  Anyway, the first one is up here and the second one is due out shortly.

(Oh, and the craziest part? Finding your praise (and name) in the editorial section of Amazon!)


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  1. “Plot saves you in many ways . . . It is a concrete thing; there is a reason why it exists.” Now there’s a little nugget of gold to tuck into my brain folds. I also like what he had to say about the value of writing about happiness versus the value of writing about dreary, melancholy things.

    Great review — I put the book on my To-Read list.

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