Mary Gaitskill – Veronica

I’m currently reading Gaitskill‘s 2005 National Book Award finalist¬†Veronica and this bit just floored me:

“The place Joanne is building inside has rooms for all of this. Not just rooms. Beautiful ones. For Karl and Jerry and Karen and Nate in his cowboy hat and the hot-tub guy and movie directors and old-lady healers and people trying to love their asses and people who think they’re stupid for it. In these rooms, each thing that looks crazy or stupid will be like a drawing you give to your mother, regarded with complete acceptance and put on a wall. Not because it is good but because it is trying to understand something. In these rooms, there will be understanding. In these rooms, each madness and stupidity will be unfolded from its knot and smoothed with loving hands until the true thing inside it lies revealed.”

Gaitskill also describes redwood trees moving in the wind like this: “Slowly, the trees move their great hair.”

Brilliant, right?

One thought on “Mary Gaitskill – Veronica”

  1. Oh, I love this. I haven’t read the book (yet), but what an idea — build a place inside yourself with rooms for everything — and beautiful rooms, too. For all your jilted lovers and dead pets and the cousin who OD’ed and the friend who stopped talking to you and maybe even a nursery for all the plants you accidentally killed and a conservatory for all for favorite songs.

    Veronica has been bumped up to next book on the list, thank-you-very-much!

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